It’s about time

I have decided it is time to start training for another Ironman. My first full Ironman was in St. George in 2011. It was brutally difficult but an incredible experience. When I completed it I suffered from what I call post-parIM. It was one of those things where for more than a year the one constant thought was my Ironman. When I completed it, it was like I lost a friend. Just when I started climbing out of that depression I broke my femur. Since then I have completed some events here and there. I did the 70.3 St. George Ironman in 2014, I completed my first marathon since 2011 in March of this year (2015), and a few weeks ago did a half marathon in a time of 1:50:40. It is the best I have run in years. But, I really haven’t trained like I should have for any of those events. I haven’t been truly healthy and need to lose weight.

So now I am putting this on paper, or the Internet, to hold me accountable. As of now I plan to do the Ironman Boulder in Colorado in 2016, five years after my first one. The official date has yet to be announced, so I hope it works out. I was going to do Coure d’alene but they moved it to late August and my kids are in school by that time. My options are limited because I really want my family there and having it within driving distance will keep the cost down.

I’ll try to keep writing to hold myself accountable. The first thing I need to do is lose weight while training for the St. George marathon this October.

Today I ran 4 miles in 37:40 – 9:24/mile pace. It rained like crazy. I’m out of shape but it was fun.


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  1. We’ll be watching!

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