Here we go!

Today is the first day of my 20 week training for the Ironman St. George 70.3. This is a half iron distance, but on the same course I did my full ironman on in 2011. Since then they changed the St. George event to a half distance due to the lack of participation. They like to sell out the events and it wasn’t happening in St. George due to the difficulty. I think Ironman should have kept it as a full and marketed the difficulty rather than run away from it…I have always contended, there are Ironman and then there are St. George Ironman.
Anyways, my training will last for 20 weeks and mostly consist of 3 swims, 3 bikes and 3 runs a week. I have been regularly swimming, along with coaching the squids (my daughter’s junior team, not my buddies). I haven’t biked much but feel confident I can get up to speed fairly quickly, although the training will be in my basement on the trainer. Running is the challenge. If you don’t know, I broke my femur over a year ago and still struggle some. Last week after a six mile run and then some really frigid temperatures, I had to pull out my cane to get around. My hip hadn’t hurt like that for a long time. I am scheduled to run a half-marathon in four weeks. I’ll be able to do it but do fear the possibility of getting injured.
I need to get in shape and lose weight. I weighed in at 195 and plan to be at 175 for the race. Thats one pound a week.
Let’s do this. Im using this as my journal and will continue to post some pretty mundane things.


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One Response to Here we go!

  1. Karole Romeril says:

    Well you work it, but do be careful. you can workout while i try to graduate from a walker to a cane! I feel your pain. You are gutsy!!

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