The downward spiral

I found this unpublished post from my bike accident last April. I will publish it now with bad grammar and all (remember, I was in pain and drugged up).

April 18,2012-
I’m stuck in bed this morning at 3:00 am and am going through loads of pain, waiting for more meds to kick in. This blog is my only outlet Seriously, what the heck has happened over the last 36 hours. It was a good day of work on Monday as I was able to progress on some big projects. After the previous week of rain, I was excited to get home and go out for a bike ride. There was a small chill in the air and I was even more excited to wear my brand new 2XU long sleeve jersey which is designed for brisk weather. I headed up to the Bingham copper mine, the same course as my upcoming Olympic distance triathlon in June.
I felt pretty good and instead of turning around at the peak of the hill (7.5 miles), I decided to go down the other side so I could train going up it for the race. A I reached the bottom I turned into the entrance of butter field canyon so I could reach an even 8 miles. I slowed way down to make a hairpin turn…and then my immediate life changed.
There was a bunch of loose gravel and my front tire slipped right out from underneath me. I couldn’t get my foot loose and every bit of weight landed directly on my left hip. I knew immediately that there was no way I was going to be able to ride home. I was on my back staring into the sky thinking this could be bad but maybe I just hit a funny bone or a nerves I tried to turn my ankle sharp streaks of excruciating pain shot from my knee to hip. I pulled my phone out of my newly scuffed up jersey and called Emily. I knew she would be finishing up her spin session at the gym and probably wouldn’t answer yet. I also knew that she had to pick up Alexis and Nicholas from their sports activities and she wouldn’t be able to get me for at least 30 minutes.
I sat with my bike sprawled on the ground knowing that someone would come by and I was slightly embarrassed so I would want them to move on. The pain wasn’t bad when I wasn’t moving so thought I was mostly ok. A trio of cyclists came riding done butter field canyon and stopped to see how I was doing. I told them I crashed and my wife was coming to get me. They told me they weren’t going to leave until she got there. I was still embarrassed and didn’t want to waste their time but they weren’t moving. They picked me up off the ground to see if I could stand. As soon as I placed the slightest amount of weight the pain shot through my entire leg. The pressure of my leg just hanging hurt like hell as well.
I knew that Emily wouldn’t be able to get me into the car and that I was probably going to the hospital so I was glad they stayed. What great guys, they spent 30 minutes with me as we talked cycling stories. One guy pulled out hit mini med kit and gave me an ibuprofen. When Emily got there she was slightly surprised to see I was in such bad shape. To this point the pain was bearable because I hadn’t moved much, but now it was time for them to get me in the car. The guys lifted me up with my left leg dangling and the pain hit me so hard that a small litany of curse words escaped my mouth, fortunately the third guy ran to my aid and gave my leg support. I was facing into the front seat not knowing how I was going to get in. They spun me around and I was leaning against the seat without the leg support fora small second. I can’t explain how painful it was. With streams of tears coming down my face they pushed me further in the seat and tried to lift my leg into the vehicle. I could not help whatsoever and any attempt at supporting my own leg would cause overwhelming pain. My cycling shoes kept getting caught on the door and as my leg jostled around I cringed and tried to hold back more Tera’s of excruciating pain. I didn’t want Emily too see how bad of shape I was in. Finally I was in the car and the guys helped load my bike I the back seat. They removed the shoes, which we probably should have done first. I was trapped as we headed off to the hospital I wanted to thank the guys but didn’t want the to see me crying. I also didn’t want Emily to see the pain I was in.

We arrived at the hospital within 5-10 minutes. Emily went inside to get a wheelchair and some help for extraction. That was round 2. I was in major fear because my left leg was so useless, just the slightest jostling was overbearing. The poor nurse helping me into the chair had no idea the pain I was in. As I took my leg out of the car and the complete support wasn’t there, I screamed out in pain. The tears of pain began again and I forced myself into the wheel chair. My adrenaline was still running. They helped lift my foot the two inches onto the footpad and wheeled me in.

My body is experiencing the depths of hell tearing it asunder.


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