Small Slice of Fingers

I have learned to always be careful when packing your wife’s suitcase. As we were getting ready to leave California last Friday night I was packing up all the suitcases. Em had a plastic bag with her shampoo and conditioner that wouldn’t fit in the pocket. I proceeded to shove the bag as hard as I could deep into the pocket.

Unfortunately, she had also left her razor in the bag. Well, seeing as how the razor is extremely sharp and mostly clean, I my pain receptors were not registering with my brain that the flesh of my ring finger was getting torn away. Not until the razor hit so deep into my finger did I realize that something wasn’t quite right. It initially felt like a needle was puncturing my finger. I pulled my hand away and saw blood.

I ran to the sink and the blood was flowing. It wouldn’t stop and it stung when I stuck it under the water. It was hard to see how deep it was because of the blood. My brother stuck and band-aid on it and before we were able to leave the entire bandage was saturated with blood. I stuck another bandage on and we took off to the Primm.

The pressure of the bandage had helped cease some of the bleeding but as soon as I removed the bandage the blood flowed again. over the next day each time I would use my finger when grabbing something I could feel the wound open up. Finally I decided to super-glue the wound closed. It has worked great. I guess I’ll have to see what happens when the glue wears off. It could take quite a long time for this to heal.


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