70.3 for the fourth time

Tomorrow morning I will be venturing out on my fourth Half-Ironman Triathlon. For those who aren’t familiar with the distance, it is 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run. I am sure many of you think that this would be a piece of cake after completing Ironman St. George…and I have been thinking the same thing, which is why I have done little to no training. unfortunately with less than 12 hours until the start, I have come to a bad realization that I am completely out of shape. I have gained 25 pounds since May…I know that I was way too light then, but seriously?…25 pounds? Pathetic!

I have been struggling big time and maybe, just maybe, this event tomorrow will kick me out of my funk. With my kids starting back in school I should have some more time to write, so look for a future post about my Post-PartIM depression.

My goal for tomorrow is not to suffer a DNF…hopefully I can finish under 6 hours, but it looks quite windy out there. The past two years there have been hail storms during the race, will we go 3 for 3?


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