My pain in the … Hip

It’s been one week since my crash and what a pain, literally. My hip is still hurting and is very sore. (If details gross you out, stop reading now).

It seems like I have scabs on top of scabs, but now they are falling off as they get snagged on my clothes. It doesn’t feel good when that happens and I can’t do anything when I first feel it, except keep moving and let it rip. Then the juicy fluids that exist under great scabs and wounds starts seeping.
The most painful part of it is that the scabs try to keep everything rigid and in place, but the skin underneath is trying to stretch. The pain is quite brutal.

My knee suffers some of the same issues but it is not as juicy. Every time I get up to walk the skin tries to stretch and the scabs scream back “not so fast.”. After 3-4 steps it gives in and then starts feeling better, but do you realize how many times you get up everyday and start walking.

Some bruises started appearing a few days later on my thighs. I’m supposed to run a half marathon next weekend. It should be interesting. The scar tissue is deep.




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