Grumpy Old Man

When we went to California recently we spent a day at Knott’s Berry Farm. We had a blast. The park was mostly empty and we rarely had to wait for more than 1 minute in line to do anything. In the late 1990s Knott’s had completed a massive wooden roller coaster called the “Ghost Rider.” After going on it once we went and had lunch. Nick and I decided to eat a little faster so that we could go on it again and have time to meet up with the rest of the group at the next attraction.

Right as we walked up to the coaster, they were loading up. As with every line, there wasn’t one and Nick and I walked right up and got in the last cart. A couple of jr. high kids were in the cart in front of us.

Nick and I were having a blast but as the coaster was getting nearer to the end I watched as one of the kids in front of me spit. His spit was suspended in mid air and it reminded me of the matrix special effect where everything is suspended and in slow motion. Finally the spit flew right back into the kids own face with some of it flying over his head narrowly missing me and Nick. I could tell that both kids were going to continue spitting so I leaned forward and screamed “knock it off!”

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Nick had a weird look on his face but didn’t think too much of it. As we exited the coaster and headed to meet up with the rest of the group Nick said, “Dad, you’re like one of those grumpy old men who go around yelling at kids.” I was a little hurt at first because I hate those grumpy old men…they are always squelching fun times to be had, and now I am one of them. But, who wants a face full of spit? I told Nick why I yelled at them and he thanked me and gave me a little side hug. So in the end, it is nice that a heartfelt hug can supersede a grumpy old man comment.

I apologize for the lack of weekly updates the past 2 weeks.

Week 15 Numbers:
Swim – 5,400 yards – 1:18:13
Bike – 144.9 miles – 7:55:00
Run – 34.4 miles – 5:33:57
Ab Ripper – 40:00
Total workout time = 15 hours, 27 minutes and 10 seconds
Trend Weight = 160.6

Week 16 Numbers:
Swim – 4,000 yards – 57:22
Bike – 166.6 miles – 9:10:00
Run – 24.3 miles – 3:52:30
Ab Ripper – 25:00
Total workout time = 14 hours, 24 minutes and 52 seconds
Trend Weight = 160.2


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