Locker Room Chronicles

Locker rooms have always been somewhat uncomfortable. It began in middle school, but fortunately for me I broke my arm during Christmas break. When I got back to school I handed my P.E. coach the note from the doctor stating that I couldn’t participate in P.E. for eight weeks. After the eight weeks were up I went back to P.E. but the coach asked me where my note was. I told him I had given it to him eight weeks prior. He yelled at me and said I couldn’t go back until I got a note. I was shy and pretty much scared of all adults so instead of trying to get a new note I spent the next year and a half in the library instead of going to P.E.

In junior high I had to go back to P.E. I remember the first day as the coaches explained all the rules. We had to wear our stupid P.E. uniforms. Mine were handed down from older siblings and were slightly too big. “M. Romeril” was scrawled across the shorts and shirt in big black letters. I had to cross out the “M” which was for my brother mike and squeeze a “K” onto the clothes. At the end of class we were forced to take a shower in those giant shower stalls with 18 shower heads and no privacy. When you were done you had to go stand naked and wet in front of a chain-link cage where the person inside would then throw you a towel. If you weren’t naked and wet you wouldn’t get a towel and if you didn’t have a towel you couldn’t get out of the locker room. One of the coaches would stand at the door with a trash bin for the towels and he would make sure you had a towel or you would have to head back to the showers. Those towels were like gold because when someone stole your towel after you were already dressed, you would then have to go back into the showers and then go show yourself again to the chain-link cage. If only I could have broke my arm again.

Now during lunch I go swim and use the locker rooms again. For the most part it isn’t a problem, in fact, typically there are only a few people in there when I am done swimming. But, every once in awhile the uncomfortableness returns. Once in awhile a person will strut around the locker room with their towel around their neck revealing all their glory. I don’t understand why they can’t just wrap that towel around their waste. Typically it is the really old guys who do this but recently there have been some younger people too.

The worse incident occurred to me last week. I had an especially great workout where I swam a ton of yards at a pretty good pace. After the workout I headed to the locker room which isn’t the best but the showers are somewhat private stalls and they even have a curtain that you can close so there is some privacy. Again, lots of the old guys don’t like closing the curtain…I don’t get it. So while in the shower, with the privacy curtain closed, I heard someone say something, but I wasn’t paying attention. After a few seconds my mind clicked and what was said registered in my brain. An old man had said “Excuse me, I need to grab my soap.” I turned around and to my horror, there was a naked old man kneeling down with one hand parting my privacy curtain and the other hand reaching for the soap that he had dropped into my stall. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” I thought. The old man grabbed his soap and went into a stall across the way to take his shower, with the privacy curtain completely open of course. My co-worker witnessed the entire thing and proceeded to make fun and tell everyone else at work…thanks Roger.

Week 14 Numbers:
Swim – 5,100 yards – 1:13:44
Bike – 146.9 miles – 8:00:00
Run – 28.8 miles – 4:38:51
Ab Ripper – 30:00 (Major slacking on abs.)

Total workout time = 14 hours, 22 minutes and 35 seconds

Trend Weight = 161.5
I’m still losing weight, although I’m not really trying to…and WOW…I have less than 10 weeks to go.


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