Grandpa’s Friendly Finger

I had mentioned Grandpa giving the Japanese fighter the finger at Pearl Harbor…well here is the story from his mouth.

It was great to see all my brothers and sisters again. We had a great time, but the Ironman training suffered a lot.

Week 12 Numbers:
Swim – 2,300 yards – 33:21
Bike – 0 miles – :00
Run – 37.5 miles – 2:54:28
Ab Ripper – 25:00

Total workout time = 3 hours, 52 minutes and 49 seconds


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One Response to Grandpa’s Friendly Finger

  1. Ben Cook says:

    If it makes you feel any better, here is what my training will look like for the next 6 weeks:

    Swim: 0 – yards; 0 – minutes
    Bike: 0 – miles, 0 – minutes
    Run: 0 – miles, 0 – minutes
    Ab Ripper: Not likely

    No trend weight this week huh . . . must have been bad 🙂

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