I’m honored they seek my assistance…but really?

Me and Ben Cook Holding the Championship Trophy

I don’t know how many of you know this but I played a key role on a championship volleyball team. And when I say key role, I mean to say that I was in the regular rotation. Some neighbors had caught wind of this great accomplishment and before I knew it, I was being heavily recruited for the neighborhood volleyball team. I had two people come knock on my door to ask me to play, another person stop me in the street and a handful of phone calls. Unfortunately I couldn’t help them out because my boy was receiving his orange belt in karate on the same night as the big neighborhood volleyball tournament. I guess I gained some big time clout winning the Associated Food Stores company volleyball tournament a few months earlier.

This last week my wife was talking with a neighbor who wanted some running shoe advice from me. Emily told her that I don’t know anymore than any other average person, but the neighbor shooed the comment away and went into the details about her running gait, shoes and how it is affecting her feet. Admittedly, I have run a lot compared to the average person, but compared to other runners, my 7 marathons are a drop in the bucket…but I’ll tell anyone the mistakes I have made and if they can learn from it, all the power to them.

After one of my swim workouts an older gentleman approached me to pick my brain about swimming technique.
He said “I can tell you are a career swimmer. Where did you learn?”
“I grew up in Southern California, where my mom taught me at a young age and then I swam on the city team since I was 5 years old” I replied.
“Wow, even a Southern California swimmer! What University did you swim for?” he asked.
At this point I could picture all my friends from the high school swim team laughing at that question. I told him there was never any chance of collegiate athletics in my life, but that didn’t prevent him from asking me all sorts of technique and workout questions. I told him I wasn’t comfortable enough to give him pointers on his swim technique because I have never been trained as a coach.

That being said…I think I will start a Personal Motivational/Coaching/Mentor business on the side. For only $50 an hour I can give you all the advice and training schedules you will need to be an average athlete (depending on your abilities and motivation of course.)
My Areas of Expertise:

  • Swimming – I have been swimming since I was 3 years old and have only nearly drowned twice
  • Cycling – I cycle
  • Running – I have run a lot…let me edit that, I have jogged a lot
  • Triathlons – See the previous 3 entries, and I have done them combined 4 times
  • Basketball – I have watched a lot of it
  • Volleyball – Champion (Something only 6 people can claim in the AFS Volleyball league)

Ten weeks done, fourteen to go.

Week 10 Numbers:
Swim – 5,000 yards – 1:13:48
Bike – 94.4 miles – 5:10:00
Run – 37.5 miles – 6:05:54
Ab Ripper – 1:05:00

Total workout time = 13 hours, 34 minutes and 42 seconds

Trend Weight
Week 10 – 163.2
Week 9 – 163.5
Week 1 – 168.2


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