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The Special K Ab Workout is tough – you may have noticed my time on Ab Ripper has increased the past two weeks. That is because after a year of trying to get six-pack abs (Although I don’t think my genetics will allow it) I decided to add 3 10-minute workouts from a DVD my wife got in her Special K Cereal to my 3 Ab Ripper workouts. I have been doing Ab Ripper for so long I have it memorized and it isn’t that difficult, but now Special K is adding a whole new routine for pain.

By the end of the week I may have my lowest “trend weight” for as long as I can remember.

Riding for over three hours on a bike trainer better be worth it.

It sure wish it would start warming up soon so that I can do 4 hours outside, rather than 4 hours on a bike trainer.

Although quite cold, it was nice to run outside…even if it was for just 20 minutes.

The total amount of workout time I compiled last week (13+ hours) is probably still less than what it will take me to complete the Ironman.

I really like this video:

Nine weeks down, fifteen to go.

Week 9 Numbers:
Swim – 4,600 yards – 1:08:26
Bike – 111.5 miles – 6:05:00
Run – 32.7 miles – 5:25:00
Ab Ripper – 1:05:00

Total workout time = 13 hours and 43 minutes and 26 seconds

Trend Weight
week 9 – 163.5
Week 8 – 164.0
Week 7 – 164.3
Week 6 – 165.5
Week 5 – 165.4
Week 4 – 166.5
Week 3 – 167.3
Week 2 – 167.9
Week 1 – 168.2


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