Stingers and an iPhone Produce a Miracle

After 2 hours on the bike trainer on Saturday morning I headed up stairs to find my son crying. He had recently saved up all his money so he could by some Ninjago Lego sets. He has been so excited to play with them. He will sit in the corner of our family room near a heater vent so that he can stay warm and still have enough room to play. Unfortunately, small things can fall down into heater vents, hence the crying. He pleaded with me to call an architect who could then proceed to tear up all the floors and get access to Sensei Wu’s head. I told him there was no way I was going to pay someone an exorbitant amount of money to get a Lego head, especially since he has plenty of Lego heads. “But this one has a beard,” he sobbed. I told him he was out of luck and I went to go clean up.

Twenty minutes later I came back out into the family room and found him still sitting in mourning at the vent. I asked what he was doing and he replied “I’m praying for a miracle and nothing has happened yet.” While trying to figure out what we could do, my phone beeped alerting me to an incoming email. I then realized that the iPhone 4 could give me a peak into the heating duct. With the light I could take pictures and video to try and see where Sensei Wu’s head was…and this is what I saw.

The iphone 4 also has a great zoom function which when utilized allows us to see Sensei Wu’s head inside the duct.
That yellow blurry thing is Sensei Wu…well his head. The real fortunate thing of this whole story is that the end of this duct leads into another duct which we have access to in the basement. So now the dilemma was how could we get Sensei Wu  over the edge to fall into the basement duct. With such a sharp angle right at the heating vent there is no way to get something that doesn’t bend into the duct. Thank goodness for stingers. Many of you may wonder what a stinger is…it is those plastic Hot Wheel tracks. Why do I call them a stinger, you ask? Find a California Romeril and have them explain it to you in person. Anyways, we hooked up a few of those, shoved them into the duct and Sensei Wu fell through the other side. Now my boy only had to reach through the vent in the basement and Sensei Wu was saved.

Last week was a recovery week so my numbers aren’t quite as big.

Eight weeks complete, sixteen to go.

Week 8 Numbers:
Swim – 3600 yards – 52:37
Bike – 90.9 miles – 5:00:00
Run – 23.5 miles – 3:51:30
Ab Ripper – 1:10:00

Total workout time = 10 hours and 49 minutes and 7 seconds

Trend Weight
Week 8 – 164.0
Week 7 – 164.3
Week 6 – 165.5
Week 5 – 165.4
Week 4 – 166.5
Week 3 – 167.3
Week 2 – 167.9
Week 1 – 168.2


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