The toys are alive

About the latter part of last week I noticed something quite disturbing in my basement bathroom. I go into this bathroom a couple of times a day because that is where I keep my running shoes and heart rate monitor…so I had been in there numerous times. So on Thursday or Friday when I looked up, I was surprised to see this…

and a close-up…
These little figurines are from a modernized version of the board game, Clue, and now they were perched atop my bathroom mirror. My kids don’t go in there very often and they can’t reach that high so I know it wasn’t them. My brother and his family stayed at our house a week earlier, so I will assume it was one of them who placed them there, but I can’t believe I didn’t see them earlier.

With the amount of times my kids have watched Toy Story 3 over their holiday break, maybe some of that Toy Story magic has seeped around the house and the figurines made it up there on their own. It’s a mystery.
Six weeks down, eighteen to go and the holiday treats finally caught up to me…I gained a tenth of a pound.

Week 6 Numbers:
Swim – 4250 yards – 1:03:45
Bike – 73.7 miles – 3:59:40
Run – 22 miles – 3:38:00
Ab Ripper – 45:00

Total workout time = 9 hours and 26 minutes and 25 seconds

Trend Weight
Week 6 – 165.5
Week 5 – 165.4
Week 4 – 166.5
Week 3 – 167.3
Week 2 – 167.9
Week 1 – 168.2


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