Slightly Annoyed

Three weeks of training down and only 21 weeks to go…and to be precise, only 145 days.

I was recently talking with a friend who was asking me what events I had decided to do next year. (A few months ago I told him that I was considering a full Ironman and he responded with a comment that bugged me but I let it go.) Well, I told him that I was training for Ironman St. George and he repeated the same comment which again bugged me and now I won’t let it go. He said, “Wow, the full. You must not care about your kids.” He was implying that I must not care about my children because I will be spending tons of time training, rather than time with them. I won’t place judgement on him because I have no idea what his personal life and experiences are but he is sure judging me.

I will admit, becoming an Ironman is selfish. My family will have to sacrifice some, but 90% of my training is done while they are still sleeping or during my lunch break at work. The only instance where there is a chunk of time when I am training which could affect them is on Saturday mornings…and let’s be honest, Saturday morning cartoons take a huge priority over what Dad is doing. Also, I think it is good for my kids to see me exercising so that they will know a sedentary lifestyle should not be an option.

So friend…as of right now I wake at 5:00 in the morning to train, which is the same time I have woken up for the past 8 years. Eventually I will need to wake up at 4:15 or so which may mean I will need to go to bed earlier, but since my kid’s bedtime is 8:30-9:00 at night anyways, it still won’t affect them. And in 145 days they will be able to say their Dad is an Ironman.

Week 3 Numbers:
Swim – 3600 yards – 54:30
Bike – 57.9 miles – 3:10:00
Run – 25 miles – 4:10:00
Ab Ripper – 45:00

Total workout time = 8 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds

Trend Weight
Week 3 – 167.3
Week 2 – 167.9
Week 1 – 168.2



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One Response to Slightly Annoyed

  1. Nikki Blackham says:

    You go Kris!!

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