Stardom and Sleep

I think kids are pretty funny. This picture was taken awhile back when I used to go to bed later…now I have to go to bed earlier to make sure that I get enough rest during training. When I went to check on the kids, Lexi was sleeping peacefully, at least until the flash on my camera went off.

Well, one week of training down-23 weeks to go. Here is a summary of what I did last week…and for those who don’t know, I keep meticulous records.

Swim – 2900 yards – 0:45:54
Bike – 51.3 miles –  2:50:00 — this is on my trainer due to the cold weather
Run – 22 miles – 3:40:00 — on my great treadmill which I’ll write about someday
Ab Ripper – 0:45:00

I worked out for a total of 8 hours and 54 seconds. My 5:30 AM workouts have been great, but I rue the day when those workouts will be 4:30 AM.

My trend weight:
Sunday = 168.7
Saturday = 168.2
Not bad for Thanksgiving week!


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