Official Training Has Begun

My official Ironman training has officially begun. On Monday morning my alarm went off at 5:00 AM and then I got out of bed 20 minutes later. I jumped on the bike with a stark realization that in 24 weeks I’ll be lining up for St. George. Admitedly, I have been doing a ton of training before this week but that was mostly for time/mileage…now the intensity has stepped up and I have to start swimming and doing Ab Ripper.

Swimming is the thing I have been dreading most. I think it is because I have to use my lunch hour rather than stuffing my face with Cafe Rio. It takes quite a bit of mental effort to actually get to the pool but once I am in the water it goes great. And it is only twice a week which isn’t too bad, of course official training says I should swim 3 times a week but that much more effort isn’t worth the 1-2 minute faster time.

I read a mental training book and it says I should post my event and goals where I can see it multiple times a day. So I posted it here, on my wall at work, in front of my treadmill and bike trainer. The swim time is reasonable considering it is only the first hour of a 13-14 hour adventure. I have to conserve energy and it is also an open water swim in what will be a cold lake. The bike time may seem slow with the average of 16.3 mph, and it is somewhat slow but the course is brutal (arguably the most difficult bike course). I rode it once before and only 35 miles of it and I averaged the same speed. For 112 miles it should be pretty close, I just hope I don’t have to get off my bike and walk during the second time up “The Wall.” The marathon time of over 5 hours is also slow, if I was only doing a marathon. After 8+ hours of racing a 5 hour marathon would be fantastic for me. There will be plenty of walking and it is hands down, the most difficult marathon course of all the North American Ironman events. There are a bunch of brutal hills that would hurt if I hadn’t already even swam and biked.

If I can accomplish these times I will be estatic, if I’m under 14 hours I’ll be excited, if I finish I’ll be happy.


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