Foiled by Fire

It was a rough week for me. After spending all that time cleaning up after Lexi, her stomach flu caught up with me. When I pulled into work on Friday morning I thought I was going to vomit and I almost immediately got back in my car and headed home, but thought I could stick it out. I was doing well for most of the day until the evening when more urges to ralph occurred. I went to bed at 7:00 hoping I would be all better by the next morning. On Saturday I felt better but was exhausted due to restless sleep. I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch on Friday and still wasn’t hungry. I finally did eat some Lobster Bisque from Zupas and that night I had a bowl of cereal but in the end, the toilet was served both meals.

When I woke up Sunday morning I quickly decided that I wasn’t going to church. I was tired and still not feeling great…in fact I had lost almost 5 pounds in two days. I still wasn’t that hungry so I just laid in bed for the entire morning. As Emily and the kids were getting ready to go to church, although still tired, I started to feel quite a bit better and was now quite hungry…but since I already opted out of church, there was no way I was going.

I believe that we should keep the Sabbath Day holy, which for me basically means go to worship services and take it easy. My family avoids spending money on Sunday because that forces others to work…but then there is the whole ox in the mire thing.

I was really hungry and too tired to make my own meal so I decided that I was going to run to In-n-Out when the family left to church. I wasn’t trying to necessarily hide it from them, I just didn’t want them to know…and I really needed a greasy burger, not some goldfish crackers from the cupboard.

So, about 10 minutes after they left to church, I finished up some wash and then headed over to get a drink and a burger. The drive-thru was completely empty (common of Utah on a Sunday) which was nice. As I was headed back home my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen and the caller ID said “Home”. “Uh oh,” I thought. “I’m busted.”

“Hello,” I said.
Emily asked “Where are you?”
“Getting a Coke.”
“Oh, so you’re at Maverick?” (which is a convenient store)
“Actually, I went to In-n-Out,” I sheepishly responded.
“Ohhh…so you are getting a burger as well,” Emily said.
“Anyways,” Emily continued. “[Our kid***] is home from church and has something [he/she] has to tell you.”
“What happened?”
“[He/she] pulled the fire alarm!”

I privately thought, “Awesome, there is no way I will be in the trouble he/she is in.”
But now, I wonder where my luck is. On the one and only day in the past 10 years when I sneak to a burger joint…I get busted because my kid pulls the fire alarm at church.

The fire department responded and everything. Sunday school was interrupted as people were just roaming the halls  until the alarm was turned off. Emily made him/her go apologize to the fireman and then immediately jumped in the car to bring him/her home to be punished by a sick dad. Emily had no idea that “sick dad” would be stuffing his face with a double-double while driving down the road.

We both served our time of punishment…but seriously?…a dang fire alarm sells me down the river.

*** Our kid is extremely embarrassed about what he/she did and doesn’t want people to know…which means I will immediately write about it but protect their identity by not revealing which kid. Therefore, please limit conversations about this incident around both my children.


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