Vomit – Oh the Horror

There is nothing better than a good nights sleep…and I wasn’t able to enjoy one last night. I had been sleeping for about 50 minutes when Emily was shaking my shoulder.
“Kris, Lexi is throwing up,” she said.
I thought “Why are you telling me about it and not actually doing something about it,” but I learned long ago to just keep my mouth shut at times like that.

I jumped out of bed and found Lexi standing in the middle of the hall. My immediate reaction was to kneel down and give her a hug to make sure she was all right, but as the smell started to permeate into my nose and actually singe nose hairs, I came to the immediate realization that she was dripping with vomit. I ushered her into the bathroom and had her sit on the edge of the tub so she could just lean over to the toilet when she felt the need to wretch. I knew this was going to be a disaster but I spent a few minutes with Lexi to make sure she was stable. I headed into my bathroom to get some towels and heard Emily ask, “Did she get it all over the carpet?”
I looked over and saw her with the warm covers tucked up to her chin.
“I don’t know, I haven’t had a chance to go look yet, I’ve been taking care of Lexi.”
Just at that moment Lexi started to wretch again and cry so I ran back to check on her. After some more puke landed in the toilet I told her to take her pajamas off so I could wash them. I headed back to get the towels and Emily was still lying in the warm bed with the covers tucked right up.
“So did it get on the carpet,” she asked.
Slightly annoyed I just grabbed the towels and headed to Lexi’s bedroom.

Talk about a hit to the face. I can stand some pretty disgusting things. When I was a news reporter I was two feet away as a rescue team was pulling up a dead body that had been floating in the Snake River for a couple of days. When someone in the family clogs the toilet, they just shut the door and wait for me to come home and fix it. But this was just about too much. There were two large spots where the puke had landed along with a stream down the side of her bed. The smell was sinus cleansing strong and there were chunks all over the place.

Being half asleep, it’s difficult to know where to begin so I just started wiping it up just as you would a counter-top with crumbs all over, except these were giant crumbs. I quickly had a small pile of hurl chunks, I scooped them up with the towel and headed towards Lexi’s bathroom. She was just standing in the doorway naked and whimpering. I glanced into my bedroom and I could tell Emily was still debating on whether to get out of bed and help. The splash of curdled puke chunks that had been sitting in Lexi’s stomach for 4-5 hours was sickening and was almost too much for me. I closed my eyes and quickly flushed the toilet. I started making a soiled clothes pile that was quickly growing with Lexi’s pajamas, sheets and towels. I went to get some more towels and Emily was finally out of bed but keeping her distance from anything that had throw-up on it. I think she ended up helping Lexi get her new pajamas on but who really knows. After about 10 minutes of trying to clean the carpet as best I could I soaked her room with Febreeze. I started the wash down stairs but still had at least 3 loads which concerned me because the laundry room was sure to stink with the clothes rotting with puke for the rest of the night. I debated setting my alarm to go off every hour so I could change the wash but was exhausted and decided not to.I grabbed a sleeping bag and blanket and set it at the foot of my bed along with a bowl in case Lexi was going to blow more chunks.

I think I was asleep for about 45 minutes this time when the spewing of vomit began anew. I thought, “there is my alarm clock.” I put Lexi in the bath, went and changed the wash and cleaned up some more. Emily stayed in the warmth of our bed feigning sleep. Lexi finally settled down but rounds three and four of vomitville went until about 2:30 in the morning.

Miserable…It’s a good thing my family is so adorable because having to put up with a night like that makes you really want to question things. And although I kind of threw Emily under the bus for not being helpful, I am certain I have done the same thing to her hundreds more times than she ever has to me.


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