Oh, the insanity!

140.6 miles in less than 17 hours. 2.4 of it swimming, 112 of it biking, and 26.2 running (let’s be serious…mostly walking). I have officially committed myself to the insane. The waking up at 4:00-4:30 in the morning, lunchtime workouts, brutally long workouts on the weekends, no more french fries and coke, exhaustion and in the end…personal glory that won’t mean much to anyone but me.

Not only have I signed up for an Ironman, I have signed up for what is arguably the hardest Ironman. I am going to go through hell and that is before I will even make it to the start line. What I will have to go through on that day will probably be the most difficult day of my life. It’s only 181 days away. I am already stressing about what the weather will be like on that day, how cold the water will be and what kind of nutrition I will have to consume to complete this monster. That is why my training will be so important. My official 24-week training plan starts in two weeks. For the California 70.3 I made sure I never missed a workout and I am sure I will be just as neurotic this year. Oh crap, what if I get injured…see how these crazy thoughts get in my head. In California I knew that I put in the training and I could accomplish my goal. I look to do the same in St. George.

As I go through this 6-month journey any support will be welcomed…and try not to get too annoyed if all my posts have something to do with Ford Ironman St. George. When you talk with me the topic of Ford Ironman St. George will most definately come up. AND after I cross the Ford Ironman St. George finish line and hear Mike Reilly say “You are an Ironman” I will make you all refer to me as Kris “Ironman” Romeril until the end of time.


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3 Responses to Oh, the insanity!

  1. Nikki Blackham says:

    “Personal glory that won’t mean much to anyone but me.” Kris, I’m pretty impressed with what you are doing, plus I like telling people that I have a brother that does these kinds of things. No way could I do it! Keep up the good work. Love you!

  2. Kim Romeril says:

    You are amazing and definitely an inspiration to me to be physically fit!! I’m proud of you.. you’ve totally got this!


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