Loads of Halloween Candy

First of all, here is another picture of Halloween at the office…and to those who are taking liberties with Photoshop or Gimp, please cease and desist (that would be you Ben).

Anyways, in an effort to be a lot more healthy in our household we are trying to rid our home of junk food. This is quite difficult to do considering all of the Halloween candy. We had gotten tons of candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters and then the kids loaded up as well. The family started the evening at 6:00 by going to a house in the neighborhood where they serve up hot dogs and apple cider. It is an awesome get-together for the whole neighborhood and then the kids can meet up with friends as they start the candy collecting tradition.

I was out with my kids until just after 8:00 when they decided the effort for some more snickers bar just wasn’t worth it anymore. The cold rain didn’t help things either but they still got a ton of candy.

We came back home and the kids started examining their haul. We kept on passing out the candy until 9:00. I think that is a reasonable time to tell the trick-or-treaters (which are typically teenagers at that point) that the begging is over…and when the kids come knocking at 10:00 I really get annoyed.

In the meantime Emily and I decided to present the offer to the kids.
THE OFFER: Pick out 5 pieces of candy and we will buy the rest from you.

They immediately wanted to know how much. Emily and I know the price of a Lego set and knew that anything less wouldn’t tempt Nicholas. We weren’t sure what price Lexi would go for but we knew it had to be the same, so we settled on $30. I know it seems expensive but we really need the junk food out of our house. After careful consideration and debate about what 5 pieces of candy, both kids took the deal. So now I am left with 5 bags of candy that were never opened and 2 shares of kid’s trick-or-treating candy. People at work are going to love it when I finally get around to bringing it in.

In the end Halloween was a lot of fun and after a month of beard growth…I can clean up quite nicely. It’s amazing what 24 hours and a razor can do.


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One Response to Loads of Halloween Candy

  1. Ben says:

    Hmmmm . . . me taking liberties with Photoshop, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. Besides what is wrong with gimping your “Love Guru” costume.

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