Inadvertent Touching

I am debating if I should write about this or not, which usually means I probably shouldn’t, but will.

This is a follow-up to the prior post, Health Assessment, which I passed with flying colors.
Cholesterol = 167
Blood Glucose ( a new category) = 93
Blood Pressure = 110/76
Weight = 174
BMI = 24
Body Fat % = 18.5

Anyways, how this whole thing works is, we sign up for an appointment and head to our lunch area. There is really no privacy except where the scales are at, which is mostly OK. There are tables lined up throughout the room with nurses at each one. The first station is where they check your blood pressure-I will talk about that in a moment. Then you head to the glucose and cholesterol station. They prick your finger, place the blood on 2 different strips and then you sit there and wait for the results to come back. The glucose is pretty quick but the cholesterol machine takes 200 seconds. So you sit and wait uncomfortably with a stranger on the other side of the table. Sometimes the stranger is cool and you can talk about whatever. Other times it is just awkward and the 200 seconds can’t go by fast enough…but when the countdown gets to 10 it is almost like celebrating new years. I scream in my head “GET THIS OVER WITH…10, 9, 8” and so on. After cholesterol you head to the scales which are behind some cubicle walls. I imagine there are some people who really feel uncomfortable with this but the nurses try to be discreet. Then you hold onto what looks like a Wii wheel and it tests your body fat percent. I question the accuracy of these things but I know they make scales that have the same type of technology and have always wanted one. Ultimately isn’t it better to have a questionable machine that gives you your body fat % plus or minus 5 points than to have the actual real percentage that requires those fat pinching calipers. No thanks on the let’s pinch your stomach fat to get your body fat %.

Anyways, in the end I’m healthy but the real reason for the post is the inadvertent touching while getting your blood pressure. An associate here at work failed his blood pressure test because of the way in which the nurse administered it. This could be difficult to paint the picture but I’ll try. The nurse and said associate were sitting in chairs directly facing each other, shoulder to shoulder. This set up presents the problem. If the nurse is performing the test from the side (see illustration) or even slightly angled the problem is avoided. In the face to face situation the blood pressure is sure to rise.

For those who have not had a blood pressure test in a while or even ever, the patient must extend the arm outward. When doing so the arm will look like it does in the illustration. Great right? Well…when the nurse is sitting directly in front of you and then leans forward to place the cuff on your arm and then to place their stethoscope in the crook of your elbow pit, the patient is left wondering where to place their hand which is stuck in the chest area of the nurse. Do you leave it cupped and ignore what is happening, do you turn your hand upside down which could draw attention to this extremely unnerving situation or make a fist which again could bring attention?

Anyways, said associate failed his test because his heart rate shot up due to being so stressed about the situation…Luckily they allow people a second chance on failed tests so he went back later and strategically positioned himself at an angle…and he passed.


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