Health Assesment

It is time for our annual Health Assessment. Each year the company that I work for brings in some nurses and health professionals to give each and every employee an assessment of their health. It sounds nice and all but the reason for the assessment is that if you are deemed unhealthy you have to pay higher insurance rates or speak with a “coach” every week of the year to get the cheaper rates. My company actually presents the program as a monthly insurance discount for those who are healthy or those willing to work with a “coach.”

They check our cholesterol, blood pressure, body fat %, weight and BMI. I have never failed the tests so I have always received the discount and never had to work with a “coach.” In fact, I have improved over the years, although I don’t think I’ll improve much more for the test this year. I think I was in better shape last year…and now since thinking about it, I know I was in better shape last year because the test wasn’t until December when I was in the middle of the California 70.3 training.

Of course if I shave the beard I may lose a couple of pounds. The two pictures of me were taken about a decade apart. I have definitely aged quite a bit but don’t I look so much more healthy? I look about 50 pounds heavier in the picture from 10 years ago and all of the hair migrated from the top of my head down to my face. I don’t even look like the same person. Anyways…I hope I can remain healthy as I look forward to running a lot more marathons and even a Full Ironman someday (maybe sooner than later, stay tuned.)


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2 Responses to Health Assesment

  1. Angela says:

    I really think you should shave because with all the facial hair you look a little bit creepy! Other than that you do look much healthier!

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