I love…err…owe you

After years of wearing the same pair of eyeglasses I finally decided to actually use my insurance and go to the eye doctor. It is pretty idiotic to pay for the eye insurance plan and not use it, so I made my appointment.

I have been wearing glasses pretty much my whole life and have seen the eye doctor plenty of times. When I was young I worried so much about getting the letters right that I would try to memorize them before the eye test…so my prescription was probably messed up my entire childhood. The worst part about the eye doctor was when you would place your chin in this machine thing and stare at a red target. The doctor would push the machine thing really close to your eye and tell you to keep it open. Then a puff of air would shoot into your eye. It freaked me out every time.

They don’t use those things anymore, but the dilating of the eye is just as annoying. I was going to a new eye doctor so he wanted to do the complete tests, which meant dilation. After the exam was over, I sheepishly grabbed the stupid plastic sunglass thing and headed outside. I wish I hadn’t misplaced my prescription sunglasses, but alas, I slipped the plastic thing on my face and headed into work.

They probably shouldn’t allow people to drive when their eyes are dilated, and maybe they don’t but no one warned me. I made it to work OK driving very carefully. I walked into my office ready to respond to what I knew to be a ton of emails because I had felt my phone buzz a whole bunch while at the doctors and the drive to work.

When I turned on my computer I realized I couldn’t read anything. It is quite a helpless feeling. I see an urgent notice next to one email but I can’t read it for the life of me. My eyes would not focus and it confirmed that one of my greatest fears of actually going blind would be terrible. I spent the rest of the morning brain storming on my white board, writing in big giant letters.

Around lunch time my eyes were improving enough where I could kind of see smaller print. At the office it was also one of those great days where lunch was being provided…thank you Tillamook Cheese. We had free grilled cheese sandwiches, fruit, cookies, chips and drinks. While I was in line waiting to get my free meal, a co-worker (let’s call him Roger) texted me wanting to know if I could get him lunch…see the following for what happened…and in my defense “owe” really looks like “love” when you aren’t quite seeing right.

Also, it was more of a questioning “love you too?” because we don’t have that kind of relationship.


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