My favorite bike ride to date

Mt. TimpanogosThis last weekend Ben and I went on a bike ride. We decided to do the Alpine Loop because I have heard it is a great ride. I was a little nervous because there is 3,000 feet of climbing from the canyon entrance to the summit, but it wasn’t too bad at all. The inclines were never too bad, it was just uphill for 12 miles.

The weather was a little cloudy which probably limited the amount of cars who were driving the loop which was nice. I thought because of the cooler temperatures there would be loads of traffic headed up to look at the fall colors. There were times when we owned the road.
We weren’t pushing too hard because we were still suffering a little from our marathon last week…it was nice because I could just enjoy the scenery rather than focus on the effort to get up the mountain in a decent time.

In the end it was simply a great ride. Living in Utah is pretty awesome when you realize that you can view scenes like this within a half-hour drive…or a one-hour bike ride. I’m looking forward to riding the Alpine Loop numerous times in the future.




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