Going Green Has It’s Benefits

I really like my iPod Shuffle. I have had it for a couple of years now and it is great because I use it for when I go running. It is small, lightweight and barely noticable. The battery life is great and 2 GB of memory is plenty for a 4-hour run, which is nice because I never run longer than 4 hours. In fact 3:45 should be the longest run I attempt…at least until next year in May. I also don’t mind the green color, especially because it was the only color left at the $15 price tag.
I also like our washing machine. It is one of the high efficiency front-load washing machines. It seems to do a great job and we have learned that when it is not in operation, we leave the door open so that mold doesn’t grow inside. It uses a lot less water than the older standard washing machines which means it is green (not in color) as well.

Anyways, over the weekend I threw my running clothes in the wash because they needed a good clean. Hours later as I began to fold my clothes I noticed that I had left my Shuffle in my pocket. It went through the entire wash cycle and dryer. Knowing that iAnythings don’t mix well with water, I feared that the shuffle would be destroyed internally, despite the clean look externally. I turned on the power and got nothing so I immediately started trying to figure out how I could save enough money for one of the new $50 shuffles. I plugged the shuffle into the charging port overnight to see if it would be revived. In the morning I turned it on and Angels & Airwaves began to blast.
Thankfully it works and I don’t have to spend $50 on a new shuffle and I am also thankful for the whole green movement. I figure that with our “green” washer, the shuffle was never quite immersed in water. The old clothes washers would fill entirely up with water and there would have been no chance the thing would have survived.
So in the end…it’s good to be green.


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