Beautiful Fall and Ugly Roadkill

As I’m preparing for the St. George Marathon I have to start tapering which means that on my non-running days I try to go biking. Last week on one of those days, I decided to head up Butterfield Canyon again. As I started heading up the mountain I noticed quite a bit of roadkill. There was actually quite a variety as well. I thought that maybe I should take a picture of some,but decided that Emily would give me an earful for that…so I’ll just describe it and you can use your imagination.
About a half mile up the canyon I saw something in the road that seemed quite large. At first I thought it was a cat, but it ended up being a raccoon. It was just laying there in the middle of the road and I imagine it was hit by a car and not ran over because there really wasn’t any carnage or insides strewn throughout. I thought, “that black line across their face is pretty cool”…than I had to swerve out of the way of a truck flying down the mountain. At that point it crossed my mind that because it was later in the evening and the sun would be setting as I was going to be finishing, I should be extra cautious. The drivers going up the mountain would have the sun directly in their eyes and could not see me due to the glare and I didn’t want to join the raccoon. The rest of the roadkill was carnage, with bits and pieces, swarms of flies and chunks of meat on the roadway. I saw a couple snakes that had been completely flattened.  A couple squirrels, a field mouse, chipmunk and a bird. I was surprised at how much roadkill there was and wondered what happened to increase the carnage. I also had to note where the larger pieces of roadkill was so that on my return trip back down the mountain I wouldn’t hit it at 40 mph. (Again, I didn’t want to join the roadkill.)
I mentioned before how difficult this canyon climb is but I really wanted to get to the top because the Fall colors are starting to appear and I wanted to see what it was like up at the top. Down in the valleys we don’t get all the fall colors, but the canyons are beautiful.

 The picture gives you a good idea that Fall is right around the corner and that the road I’m heading up (and then down) isn’t very wide. Is that another squirrel off to the left?


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