Giving Up On Being Vain

When I post to my blog I try to provide pictures because let’s be honest, most people I know can’t read very well. Most of the time I try to just find some cool pictures that tie in with what I am writing about but when it comes to race recaps I try to pick out the pictures where I look really good. I had a number of pictures to sort through for the Utah Half, and I liked the ones where I was coming into the finish line with my hands held high.
There were four pictures of me at the finish and in three of them you could actually see some muscle definition in my arms. I thought, “Those three are pretty cool, I’ll post one of those.” That would have been fine if it looked like this…

The problem is…it actually looks like this…
Now, to give my head a little credit (and at least make me feel better) high def cameras fail to capture fine hair. But I’ll be honest, I have been losing it for awhile. So, I asked Ben to help me embrace my balding and photoshop how I would look completely bald. He found a picture of John Travolta with his head shaved and place it on mine…
I decided I would partially embrace the look and took the number 2 extension to my dome…
Who knows, by the end of the weekend I may decide to go to the number 1 extension, then no extension and then pull out the Bic.

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