The Utah Half * – Again?

What are the chances that there will be another asterisk attached to the Utah Half this year. Last year there were major thunderstorms that rolled in on the morning of the race and look what is predicted for this year…

Last year the wind was blowing so hard they couldn’t secure the swim buoys so they cut the swim distance in half. My colleagues are sure to point that out every time I mention that I have done 2 Half-Iron distances. Every time I hear a mutter of “with an asterisk” or “one-point-five.” With the wind in the forecast it could be déjà vu all over again, not to mention how hard the bike is with the wind blowing like that.

I was reading a post from a triathlon forum and another person summed up their expectations for this weekends race and it matches perfectly how I feel. “Under-trained and Overconfident.” I don’t think it’s a good place to be but I have been feeling great lately even though I am not even near the shape I was in for California 70.3. I’m 7 pounds heavier and haven’t biked or swam nearly as much.

It should be a blast!

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