Becoming Kind of a Big Deal

I will acknowledge up front that I will never be kind of a big deal but I am certainly excited that I made it to the top of Butterfield Canyon this morning. My cycling skills aren’t the greatest, especially because I never have that much time to train. I can run all I want because it’s easy to throw on running shoes and go outside or get on the treadmill but cycling takes a little more planning and I can’t ride 30 miles in my basement (my trainer is broken).

Anyways, from my house to the top of Butterfield Canyon is just over 14 miles and about 3,500 feet of climbing. It is all up hill with a false flat (the road looks flat but it is uphill) for the first 6, then a mile 7% grade climb. After that you enter the actual canyon where it varies from 5-13% for about 3 miles and then it jumps into the 15-20% range. For me, that is very difficult and I have tried a number of times to do this and have failed, mostly miserably. The most difficult part is mile 3-5 once in the canyon. Last summer I made it past that part but was so wiped out that I got off the bike and started walking and still didn’t make it up to the top. This year, up until this morning, I haven’t been able to get past the most difficult stretch.
Part of the difficult climb
Well, today I nailed it. I rode a little more conservative at the start and just kept going. I even passed another cyclist and ended up pulling him to the top. Maybe it’s my awesome pumpkin jersey, but it’s probably my bike.

Now it is time to recuperate for my Half Ironman distance Tri (the Utah Half) which is this coming Saturday. I wonder how I’ll do compared to last year. I know I wont do as well as the California 70.3.


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