Tour de Donut = Pukefest = Awesome

This is going to be awesome. It is a 21-mile bike race which consists of three 7-mile loops. In between the loops we will have 2 opportunities to stuff as many donuts into our mouths as possible. For each donut we eat, it drops 3 minutes off our total time. They say the winner typically has a negative time…so for me to win I need to have a total adjusted time of at least 0:00.
So…let’s assume that I average 20 mph (which is probably a little ambitious with the amount of donuts that will be in my gut). My Bike time will be 1:03:00. I will then need to eat the right amount of donuts to not only cancel out that time, but also the time it takes to eat said donuts. So eating 21 donuts at 20 seconds per donut would cancel out the 1:03:00 but add 7 minutes for donut eating time…so i would need to eat 3 more donuts to cancel out donut eating time which would then put me in the negative time range. That was probably hard to follow…so…
So my calculations are as follows:
Blue = positive time
Red = negative time
1:03:00 – Bike Time
1:03:00 – time taken off for eating 21 donuts
0:00:00 – adjusted time…but wait
0:07:00 – Time it takes to eat 21 donuts at 20 seconds per donut
0:09:00 – time taken off for eating 3 donuts
0:02:00 – Adjusted time…but wait
0:01:00 – Time it takes to eat 3 donutes at 20 seconds per donut
0:01:00 – Total Adjusted Time
So I have to eat 24 donuts according to this plan. What strategy do I take? Do I eat 12 donuts at each donut eating opportunity, or do I eat as much as possible during the first stop risking a slower bike time due to me having to stop and puke? I’ll have to take more time pondering this while munching on a maple bar.

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