26.2 x 6

My 6th marathon will be tomorrow morning and I feel more unprepared than any other marathon I have ever run. It is mostly due to the major funk I have been since the California 70.3. I have seen the anti-depression med commercials on TV and have been thinking that I need some of that. I have been lucky to train more than twice a week lately due to just not feeling all that great. To help cure my depression I have started to watch some more Tri videos which is helping and hopefully next week I can dive back into heavy training for the Utah Half. But that brings me back to tomorrow’s marathon. The furthest I have run is 13 miles and although i would like to do well i have to make sure that i don’t injure myself. It could get ugly but I need to just be smart. I would be happy with a sub 4-hour finish but we’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. I hope it goes well..cheer up!

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