It’s been awhile…I know, but…

I will organize my thoughts better in a week and a half…but I have caught the Ironman bug. I will be competing in the Utah Half, which is 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run. I don’t think I really respect the distance and could fail miserably, but this could be my launching point to Ironman Arizona in November of 2010.
I have spent hours watching Youtube videos and reading entries about people’s Ironman experiences. Whenever someone says (in a video or writes it) “you are an Ironman,” I get chills. Wow, Incredible, I want that.
I recently did an olympic distance tri (.9 swim, 26 bike and 6 run). It felt great except I suffered a panic attack in the first couple hundred yards of the swim. It was bizzare. I could suffer the same fate for the Utah Half, especially because I havn’t swam for almost 4 weeks. Luckily a reservoir opened up near my house which is perfect for open water swim practice. I’ll be their Saturday.
This journey isn’t official yet, I still need the discovery of the Half experience and there is also no gaurantee of making the Arizona Ironman either dueto a mad dash to register in the minutes after it officially opens…BUT, as I have told Emily, “you will be able to say you are married to an Ironman and if I do this I will change my name to Kris “Ironman” Romeril. Stay tuned…


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