Total Insanity

It was officially announced today that the IronMan series will begin hosting an annual event in St. George, Utah. It begins in May of 2010. There is no way I would do it that soon…but should I consider 2011? That gives me just over 2 years. I plan on running (jogging) 3 marathons this year. Then I could start doing the swimming which shouldn’t be too hard since I grew up a swimmer, but I haven’t really swam in 10 years. I would also need to start the biking, which I have never done.
It’s only:
2.4 mile swim
112 mile bike ride
26.2 mile run
……..How hard could it be?
It would be a huge commitment and the time it would take to train may be too much…but what an accomplishment.

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2 Responses to Total Insanity

  1. you are totally insane. At least you will be so busy training that you wont be going out to lunch.

  2. Rachel says:

    That would b AWESOME! I would love to do that, but ya the training, wow!

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