I fought the law…

…and I won.

The other night the family was heading home and the fuzz pulled me over. As I was heading down the street the car in front of me was going quite fast and I was actually going the speed limit. The light turned red in front of us so we both had to stop and a car pulled up right behind me. As soon as I crossed the intersection the bacon turned his lights on.
“You gotta be kidding me,” I exclamined.
The car in front of me also pulled over. The cop came up and I said “There was no way I was speeding was I?”
“Yep, I gotcha,” said the five-O.
“Sir, I know that the car in front of me was going really fast which is why he probably pulled over,” I said.
I could see the doubt in the barney’s eyes. He took my papers and headed back to his car and the car in front of me took off, knowing that they just got lucky.
The po-po came back up and knocked on my window.
” I have good news and bad news,” said the onion. “You wont receive a citation but your license is expired.”
It had been expired for more than two months and I had no idea.
One-time let me go and Emily said it isn’t fair that I got so lucky. But it wasn’t luck because I wasn’t speeding and the expired license was an honest oversight. So I guess police are all-right and I apoligize for using all the slang terms for you in this post.
(And I had to look up these different terms, because I had no idea what they were.)


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One Response to I fought the law…

  1. At least you were thankful that you didn’t get a ticket. Mike would still be mad that they pulled him over in the first place!

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