So this is where…

So this is where…

I am really close to being all in with this whole training thing. I went to the gym right after work and ran 6 miles.  It felt really good. Later, I went on a nice bike ride with my lovely love.  When I got home, I felt like going out for a run…instead I ate sprinkled animal cookie ice cream.  But hey, at least I thought about running for the second time during the day.

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Emily is smiling

Emily is now smiling again because I quit blogging about her. Things are definitely running more smooth in the household and as long as I don’t write about her things will be great.  
Emily got herself a bike a few weeks ago and I have really enjoyed biking with her. We went 18 miles this morning. It wasn’t fast, but it’s time on the bike. I also need to start anew with the ab 30-day challenge. I feel like I am continually restarting as I have a great week and then one that’s not so good. I just need to keep in rhythm.   

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Not about Emily

Not about Emily.

This post is not about Emily. Apparently I am not supposed to talk about her because I am not funny. I have been given a stern talking to and been the recipient of a few glares from her over the past few days, so no more. Our life is private and I can no longer be “shares everything with everyone on social media guy”.
What a boring Friday night Emily and I had. We sat around and watched our own separate movies on our separate iPads, while holding hands. I enjoyed it a ton. 

Today was a rest day but the 30-day ab challenge continues. 


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Spousal Issues

Apparently my wife didn’t appreciate my post from yesterday concerning “appointments your spouse didn’t tell you about.” I want to be clear, the statement was a generality, not anything my wife does or has done before. That being said, it was a good thing I was able to get home earlier today to get my run in before we had to go to the airport, something I was unaware of until late this afternoon.

6.5 miles in 1:05.00 on the treadmill. 20 miles so far this week. I’ll plan on doing 10 more on Saturday. 


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I have always contended that if someone wants to train for an endurance event they need to be able to get up in the morning and train.  For the past two years I have not done this. I go to the gym in the evening or out on the trails, but I haven’t been getting out of bed in the morning.

The reason this is so important is because life gets in the way. How many times do we have something to do and then it gets pushed off because of an emergency, appointment your spouse didn’t tell you about, your kids need your help or a better offer comes up. If you train in the morning none of that stuff gets in the way.

So all this week my alarm has been going off at 5:00 am and I have yet to get out of bed before 7:00. I say I am serious about doing another Ironman, but until I start getting up in the morning I’m not really showing it…but hey, so far I have trained everyday this week. 

Today I ran outside. 4 miles in 39:51

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Abs of jello

Today’s run was not fun.  It’s amazing, yesterday I was out in a huge downpour of water and enjoyed it a ton. Today I was inside the gym on a treadmill watching Napoleon Dynamite and it was awful. I struggled through four miles and had it so I walked a half mile. After that I forced myself to run one more so I finished 5.5 miles in 60 minutes.

I am also on day three of the 30 day ab challenge. Unfortunately I have the Romeril belly and I’ll never be able to have a great stomach. Even when I got down to 155 pounds for Ironman St. George I couldn’t get any muscle definition and I was doing ab ripper every day. Ultimately I just want a solid core. It helps with everything, especially the swim and bike. Below is the challenge. I am doing the challenge with my wife and daughter. Before we have made it a week and then let life get in the way. We will keep going this time until we get it right…I wish I could remember where I found the challenge so I could give them credit. 


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It’s about time

I have decided it is time to start training for another Ironman. My first full Ironman was in St. George in 2011. It was brutally difficult but an incredible experience. When I completed it I suffered from what I call post-parIM. It was one of those things where for more than a year the one constant thought was my Ironman. When I completed it, it was like I lost a friend. Just when I started climbing out of that depression I broke my femur. Since then I have completed some events here and there. I did the 70.3 St. George Ironman in 2014, I completed my first marathon since 2011 in March of this year (2015), and a few weeks ago did a half marathon in a time of 1:50:40. It is the best I have run in years. But, I really haven’t trained like I should have for any of those events. I haven’t been truly healthy and need to lose weight.

So now I am putting this on paper, or the Internet, to hold me accountable. As of now I plan to do the Ironman Boulder in Colorado in 2016, five years after my first one. The official date has yet to be announced, so I hope it works out. I was going to do Coure d’alene but they moved it to late August and my kids are in school by that time. My options are limited because I really want my family there and having it within driving distance will keep the cost down.

I’ll try to keep writing to hold myself accountable. The first thing I need to do is lose weight while training for the St. George marathon this October.

Today I ran 4 miles in 37:40 – 9:24/mile pace. It rained like crazy. I’m out of shape but it was fun.

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